Our favorite dog walking spots in DC

It’s gorgeous again, and we know you’ll be taking over more of your pupper’s dog walks.  (We’re still available when you need us!) So we thought we’d share some of our favorite spots to walk with a furry friend.



If you have the kind of dog who likes to strut their stuff, Georgetown is a great place to grab attention. Make sure you have extra time to spare, since you’ll be pausing for scritches on every block. If you do avoid the main drag, and this area plays host to seemingly everything but a Metro station. Walk like to walk along the C&O canal, where there are plenty of benches to rest your legs and paws. You can head down to the waterfront to chase some heckin’ geese. And if you veer off of M Street, east of Wisconsin Avenue, you’ll find yourselves walking among historical homes where it’s easy to lose track of time. The flowers start blooming, and you’re in for a treat. Just no peeing on them!

Dumbarton Oaks Park:

Originally designed as a “country estate in the city,” this spot is full of beautiful trails, creeks, and plenty of wildlife for your dog to track. Remember to keep your dogs on leash and pick up any waste to keep the landscape and wildlife happy. To enter the park you may take a pedestrian path called Lover’s Lane near the intersection of 31st street and R St. NW. You can usually find a trail guide at the entrance. 


Mural Scavenger Hunt:

Have you ever really stopped to view the alleys up close? Our city is fortunate to be filled with amazing artists whose murals adorn walls all around the district. We’re especially fond of the the work @you_are_jah does, like his mural of Einstein near Columbia Heights. So next time you’re out with your very important pupper, take a closer look. We’ve found some great work in Shaw, Blagden Alley (lots of dog friendly patios over here), and of course U Street. Go explore with art in mind and you’ll have walked miles and miles together without realizing it.

The Wharf:

The southwest waterfront has gone through a ton of changes, for better or worse. We do enjoy walking along the riverside and out on to the docks. This is another spot where you’ll get a ton of attention by folks out enjoying the area. If you’re patient, you can nab a seat on the giant swings or sit around a camp fire (complete with s’mores fixings from the nearby cart). It seems like most of the residences nearby are dog friendly, so your pooch is bound to make a new friend or two.


Rock Creek Park:

One of our favorite places in the city is Rock Creek Park. How amazing is it that we have this quiet escape running right through our city? There are tons of trails leading into the park along its length, with the largest entrance being the fitness course at the intersection of Connecticut and Calvert Streets NW. At this spot, if you take a right on to the dirt path before crossing the bridge, you’ll find a path that leads to a hidden water hole where lots of dogs love to dip their paws. We’ve come across deer here, so make sure to keep them on the leash.

What are your favorite walking routes? Leave a comment below and we’ll expand the list for everyone to enjoy together.