Fun Ways to Beat the Heat with Your Dog!

You wouldn’t know it by the weather lately, but it’s not officially summer for another month!

With temperatures already rising into the 80s, it’s time to start planning on fun ways to keep your pooch entertained when it’s too hot to go outside for long stretches of exercise.


Tip #1:

Make sure to take advantage of the cooler mornings for a long walk. You’ll both appreciate the extra effort of setting the alarm a little earlier if you know the temperatures are going to soar. See our previous post about some fun walks around the District!

Tip #2:

Play some games inside in the a/c. My favorite is Hide & Seek with a twist. Have your dog sit and stay in a separate area where they can’t see you (bonus for practicing this skill!) and then hide a treat somewhere in the room. Call your dog and tell them to “Find It!” once you’re ready and watch them follow the trail! Start easy until they figure out the game, then you can put the treats in difficult to find places, like under the corner of a rug.

Tip #3:

Speaking of practicing skills; training is a perfect way to exercise your dog’s mind and tire them out without needing exert a lot of physical exercise. Split a few sessions out over the day to work on the basics like Sit, Stay, Leave it, etc. Something new will really get their little noggins going; try a fun one like Bang/Play Dead or Rollover.

Tip #4:

When you are outside, make sure you bring lots of water for both of you! You can purchase collapsible water bowls that are small enough to hook onto the leash or stash inside your bag. If you can, avoid long walks between 12 - 4 pm when the heat is most intense.

Tip #5:

Go for a swim! Areas such as the S street dog park have small pools near the watering station that can be filled. The dogs love splashing around and cooling off in the water! Rock Creek Park and Dunbarton Oaks are also great areas where dogs can jump in to cool down.

When in doubt, it’s best to go out for a quick potty break and then head back inside to play and have fun.

Have a safe and exciting Spring and Summer!

Jackie JohnsonDog, summer, heat